TCM Data Collection


The Idea:

My Idea is to use some form of Google Docs that everyone will be able to access, comment on, and view input from a massive data project I have regarding the 22TCM.

I will compile data, use my mathematical skills and all of our collective data to trend and interpret data from TCM pistols, Rifles and Reloading combinations for the reloading and shooting community.

I will make this link a “Sticky” in the forum as a topic in which we can engage in meaningful rolling conversation around the data and also occasionally engage the masses on FaceBook as well. 

Submitting Data:

I want this to be easy. 

Please fill out the form at the bottom and Google Forms will do the rest!  It will automatically update my spreadsheet data and show charting for the responses it collects.  I will have links to all of that below.

You can also feel free to and we will handle the spreadsheets and updates. 

Going to the Range?

Print this out and record your data!

Have a Smartphone or need the direct link to the form below?

Click HERE!

Viewing the Results:

When you submit data it should link you to view data submitted thus far and will take me to input the data I’ve collected which I why I wanted to make it easy for you all to add data anytime and it will be immediately available.  To view the spreadsheet it updates at any time you can click the link below:

View the Spreadsheet

The Online Form:


Together we are able to accomplish so much more